Michigan Snowmobiler

This was Mark's sixth year taking tours with Come Play in the Snow Tours and he said, "He likes this one because 90% of the trails were freshly groomed and there were a lot of play areas. The
way the support vehicle is managed was especially nice, I liked the fact that the luggage was already in your room when the days ride was over, and all the arrangements are made for you. It was nice to
just get on the sled, ride and leave the worrying to the tour people."

Ron and his wife Charlotte were on their first tour ever. They said they would definitely be going with Come Play in the Snow again. They enjoyed all of it, the excellent lodging, food, and trails.

Evan said, "This tour had the snowmobiling terrain he had always dreamed about but had never found. I loved the big hills which were a challenge. The only other place I could compare this to is Western US. This was my third trip to Canada and the previous trips I made on my own. It was a hassle finding gas, food, and lodging, a tour is the way to go for a relaxing week's vacation and Come Play in the Snow is one of the best and most professional." Everyone agreed this was an excellent tour and other C.P.I.T.S. tours with a lot of camaraderie and professionalism. I agree....

The best way to take advantage of the new and improved trails is with a professional tour.

Bryan and Judy Pacello, the owners of the tour, were undoubtedly conceived on a snowmobile; if that is possible. They are snowmobilers from way back and know how to give you an excellent winter vacation. I have been on many of their tours and I was lucky enough to be invited on a brand new tour of theirs. The name of the tour is the "Dream Vacation" which was put together with your comfort, adventurous spirit, and most of all snowmobiling fun in mind.

The excerpts are from "Winnie the Pooh lived here" Article in the September 1996 issue of Michigan Snowmobiler written by Northwinds Charlie.