Welcome to Come Play In The Snow

Come Play In The Snow Inc. to Snowmobile, And ATV Vacations has a well-defined lay out to our vacations. We want you to have a good time.

Come Play In The Snow Inc. is a quality company that may cost a little more, but you have the assurance of a well planned vacation with no unpleasant surprises. We do not cut corners and are very proud of our customer satisfaction rate of 98%. After 22 years of planning and executing our itinerary for vacations, Come Play In The Snow Inc. understands the lifestyle and what Snowmobile, And ATV vacationers are looking for in a vacation.

There are specific reasons that Come Play In The Snow Inc. is the best and why we put so much emphasis on the quality of our vacations.

  • Only the best available lodging is used
  • Social times scheduled to get to know fellow vacationers
  • We provide well qualified guides with 22 years experience for each vacation
  • Guides that live in the areas that they ride
  • Support staff to look after your needs and to transport your luggage to each destination
  • The philosophy of Come Play In The Snow Inc. is to make sure that each vacation is the best it can be so everyone can relax and enjoy their well deserved vacation.

In the pioneer days, people that were entering into the unknown wilderness used the services of experienced frontiersmen that had already blazed out a safe route. It offered to the newcomers the knowledge that their trip was planned and they were secure in the knowledge that their needs would be taken care of in any given situation and emergency. Some attempt this on their own and then suffer the consequences.

Today's vacationers choose Come Play In The Snow Inc. because it leaves you free to concentrate on why you came on the vacation in the first place - your own personal enjoyment.

Vacationers want a more relaxing experience that they can depend on day after day in which they can enjoy their travel partners and develop new friendships with fellow vacationers.

Come Play In The Snow Inc. provides this for you better than any one else.

We are your specialist for Guided Snowmobile , ATV Vacations in the wildness of Ontario Canada.

Come Play In The Snow Inc. is owned and operated by Bryan and Judy Pacello. We are located in Spanish, Ontario, Canada - in the heart of snowmobile, ATV country. Your guide, Bryan, has over 200,000 miles guiding snowmobile and ATV vacations successfully. We offer varying types of guided snowmobile and ATV vacations. Our tours are custom built to satisfy snowmobilers & ATV riders of all riding skills - from the novice to the expert rider!