The Elgin Cold Ducks

January 26, 2000

We would like to start out by saying WOWWWW!!!!!!

Your preliminary (& promotional) information about this tour was right on target. We have been on a few other tours and I must say this was the best organized with excellent accommodations, food and services provided. The total cost was very reasonable for the trip. The only thing that you could have done better was to turn the outside thermostat up and cut the chill slightly. You pre-warned us that it could be cold, so we were prepared. We also believe you now regarding the need for heated face shields in Canada.

Keep up the good work, we all look forward to riding with you again.

The ATV Rally in Hurley Wisc. is May 26,27,28, & 29, 2000. Hope you and Judy can make it.

We’ll look forward to introducing you around to generate some interest in both your Snowmobile and ATV Tours.


With warmest regards,
The Elgin COLD ducks
Larry Metz, Steve Baska, Jim Gray & Hank Thielsen