Howie & Eileen Westphal

Howie and Eileen Westphal
Neshkoro, WI.

We first met Bryan and Judy in the year 1995, at the sport show in Milwaukee, and picked up brochures on a Canada trip to be guided by them.

We signed up for our first tour, knowing that it would be guided, lodging and meals all taken care of, however, we did not realize how well organized the tour was actually going to be.

When you arrive your accommodations are all taken care of, and the first evening everyone has supper together and Bryan goes over how the trip will be handled and the expectations which he would like from everyone also. Your breakfast and supper meals are included in the tour, which you can order off the menu, they don't give you just choices to choose from.

Bryan has a trailer which they carry along some spare parts and dress attire and two extra snowmobiles, in case of breakdowns. Gary, who drives the trailer, arrives at your destination first and gets all lodging handled with your keys and all luggage is in your room upon arrival. The men take care of machines to be ready for the next day, and any minor repairs, if any.

Everyone has some free time before meeting for the evening meal. You all sit in a group and discuss the days events and laugh a lot. Bryan is always prepared, he calls ahead for the next days run and checks to see if there are any changes that need to be made. If so, he discusses it with everyone at the meal and we are given options to choose from. They never put anyone in any dangerous situations.

In the mornings, you have a wake up call for breakfast and again everyone is seated in a group and discuss the places in which we will be travelling for that day and the scenic attractions which we will be seeing.

All of the luggage is put back in the trailer for the next evening. You travel throughout the whole trip, therefore, you do not stay in the same place, except upon the return of the trip.

We have been with Bryan and Judy for 3 years. We have been more than satisfied with the way they handled their tours and both are very considerate of everyone. They go out of their way to please everyone who is connected with their tours.

We know that when we go on these trips that all accommodations are taken care of, and we must say they have all been to the utmost.

We also know that we only need extra money for tipping, noon lunch, and for any drinks. We are always into our rooms before dark, therefore, you have free time in the evening for any type of recreation that you would like to do, however, when you're out in the fresh air all day, you're not up that at night, for you're quite tired after supper.

We have snowmobiled for some 30 years and this is one trip which we have thoroughly enjoyed and will probably go back again next year and we have always been well satisfied. We have met some wonderful people on these trips and some we have kept in contact with through the years.

We have taken 4 day trips from Thursday to Sunday, and have spent plenty of money, and have had terrible trails. When you go to Canada they are not travelled a lot and they are superb. In the 3 years we have been going the most machines we have seen in one day is maybe 6 machines.

We have always taken a lot of pictures and when I get them developed, I put them in a scrap book, it is always nice to have those memories and many laughs.

We have been well satisfied customers with Bryan and Judy. We must say they are a pleasure to know.