Chantale & Darin Winter 2004

February 27, 2004

Dear Brian

I wanted to send you a letter hoping that mere words could express my gratitude for a wonderful trip. We have gotten much more out of this trip than we thought possible. The friends we made and the experiences we will always remember are things that can never be forgotten. Being a perfectionist I look for this as a consumer. Not only did you promise the perfect trip you actually delivered it as well. There was never a moment that I was disappointed or wished it could have been different. I have never traveled our Ontario trails, having a camp on a large lake we have always ran the lakes. I was a little skeptical about the confined rules of the trail system, but you guys made the trip an experience to never forget. I must admit I do enjoy the trails.

Right from the moment we met the crew, you made us feel like we were old friends you have not seen in years. We felt welcomed and important. You are truly wonderful and caring people who are in the business for fun and the friendships you make along the way. It’s nice to see that a business actually cares about the experiences, and memories that the consumer will bring home with them, not just the money.

The rooms we stayed in were wonderful and the service was great. I especially enjoyed the cabin on Agnew Lake. The food was out of this world. Who would have thought a snowmobile trip would serve meals such as prime rib, T-bone steak and sirloins, seafood and desserts made from a 5 star chef. I felt like I was in Paris with my crème brule dessert and my exquisite seafood dish. I was impressed that we were encouraged to eat as much as we liked, and there was no monetary restriction on the dishes we wanted. Being a food lover I was never disappointed, and never ate this great on our tropical trips in 5 star hotels. The trail lunches are a great experience made on an open fire right in the heart of our trail trips. Thank you Judy for putting so much thought into our lunches, you also made this trip unforgettable.

I enjoyed the time after our suppers were there was always time for a few cocktails (some enjoyed it more then others ha ha ha ha!!!) and some laughs, and did we laugh ie: my machine and I in the bush!!! The time we spent getting to know each other was priceless as we made some great friends. It’s true what they say about snowmobilers “Make a snowmobiling friend and that person is a friend for life” Brian I now understand what you mean when you said “I have the largest family in the world” because we are happy to say that we consider you, Rusty, Jamie and Judy a part of ours as well.

I definitely have to comment on the trails. The scenery was great, a part of our lives we take for granted. It was beautiful in the morning with the sun hitting the snow sparkling like diamonds, and the fresh crisp morning air. I especially enjoyed the wildlife----watching the deer, they were beautiful and very majestic . The trails were groomed well, and I enjoyed that some parts were challenging while others were smooth sailing and lazy. Oncoming traffic were courteous and respectful to our large group, and forgave some of our inexperience.

It’s only been a few hours since we last seen each other and we already miss the crew. We will always carry these memories in our hearts and every time we see a trail we will think of this trip. Thank you again for a truly unforgettable trip.

PS: See you next year, and hopefully we will have a crew of our own with us.

Chantale and Darin

Dear Jamie

Thank you for all the work you did. It was so nice to have our luggage brought from one destination to another, but what was even better was the fact that the luggage was waiting for us in our rooms. Thank you for all the errands you did for us, and the smile you always had when you greeted us. Your concern about how our day went was also appreciated. Take care and we will see you next year.

P.S: You will always be Pocco to me.

Dear Rusty

We want to thank you for your contribution to our trip. Your caring and thoughtful ways were so appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to work on Darin’s machine and for your encouragement with my trail riding. It meant a lot that you noticed how hard I was working to ride the trails properly. I did not think that I was actually all that good until you noticed, and I take that as a compliment because of your excellent riding skills. My thumb feels much better because of you, that little throttle trick made the difference between an enjoyable day and a tolerable day. I liked that you had us girls in mind ie: bringing treats, making sure we were all tucked in properly (bela clava) offering a shoulder to vent on if we found the day to much, or just that caring glance at the moments when they were needed---you always seemed to notice when we were in need of one. Darin will also miss you, the two of you apparently had some good talks (all bad stuff about me right? Ha ha ha ha) he enjoyed the time spent with you and spoke very highly of you on our way home. We will both treasure the memories we had on this trip, and will see you next year hopefully with a crew of our own.

P.S: I also want to thank your family for allowing us to share you as well. It must be hard on them not seeing you for so long.

Yamah chick and Darin

P.S: Anytime you want to come to camp give us a call. We’ll teach you how to ride the lakes like a pro, and we’ll see what your machine has ---ha ha ha , the speed demon that I am.