Bob McDonald

Robert B. McDonald
Deep River
Ontario, Canada

March 12, 1997

Dear Bryan and Judy,

We all had a safe trip home to "The Valley" from Massey yesterday, actually when you think about it we're only about 5 hours drive away from some truly great trails and fantastic late season snow conditions. Thank you for yet another great trip, the kind that form part of a lifetimes memories.

What makes these trips so great is the opportunity to share the experience with my father. Life has a way of getting very busy and complicated making it all too easy to forget to "stop and smell the roses!". My father and I only live 60 miles apart, but with him being the trail boss/groomer operator for his snowmobile club and my duties as president of the neighbouring snowmobile club and raising two "busy" kids we seldom get the opportunity to snowmobile together.

For the past 3 years Dad and I have ventured "North" and enjoyed a vacation together with yourselves and "Come Play In The Snow". Each year Bryan has put together a trip to experience a different part of the northern landscape at a time when both our clubs operations are winding down and the snow is rapidly retreating. The mile after mile of fresh powder snow we snowmobiled through on the last day was truly living up to the "come play in the snow" philosophy.

With 30 years of snowmobiling experience Dad and I could venture the trip unescorted, but the trip wouldn't be as enjoyable with a sled that resembled and handled like a "pack mule" rather than a "sports car", or worrying about where to get fuel or sleep for the night. No one should venture out on the "Big Water" without a guide, a seddun snow squall or unseen pressure ridge, oncoming darkness could turn a days riding into a nightmare.

Snowmobiling with "Come Play In The Snow" is like snowmobiling with friends!

R.B. McDonald