2008 Group from England

Stansfield, Foster and Hughes
Letter of Appreciation
Holy Sheep Shit Tour - July 08

Hello Bryan and Jamie.

Just a note to say that the four days we spent with you guys was probably the best 4 days we have ever had on a holiday! It was just fantastic.

At the start of the week 3 of our group of 4 were total novices, but as the trails became gradually harder we learned as we went and our confidence grew by the hour.

By the Wednesday morning we were going through bogs and swamps which would have seemed impassable to us earlier in the week.

One minute we’d be rocketing down dirt roads and the next we’d be up to our arse...sorry, elbows, in mud, water or deep undergrowth.

“Come Play in The Snow”? You should change it to “Come Play in the Swamp”. Or maybe – “This is the Best Vacation Ever So Just Book it”. (No wimps or humourless jerks allowed).

And all that scenery, and the bear and the moose - It was all just phenomenal, and we want to do it again sometime.

And then there was the fantastic food !! Thanks to the generous hospitality of Gayle & Steve, Willie and Bonnie, it was getting harder to get our ever-expanding waist lines out of bed. There was enough to choke a donkey!

It was just the most amazing trip, and it should be an obligatory vacation for anybody who loves the great outdoors.


Thanks very much for the laughs. Good luck and hope to see you again.


Andrew Stansfield

Laurence Foster

Jack Foster

Josh Hughes