2003 Summer ATV Tours


Six of us just took the most exciting ATV trip we ever had in Ontario, Canada with a outfitter called "Come Play In The Snow". If you want alot of adventure this is the trip. We took the 5 day trip staying in different wilderness lodges and motels.
You do nothing just ride 8-9 hours a day. We covered 250-300 miles in 5 days. Super great trails, mud holes, beaver ponds, logging roads, power lines, bear, moose, deer. All in the wilderness! We had all you can eat breakfasts and dinners and carried a bag lunch on the trails. The food was so great I gained 10 lbs prime rib, steak, chicken, ribs. almost any kind of breakfast you want. The owner Bryan was our guide and was available for us 24hrs. for anything we needed. Our trip was worth every penny and more. Then take the trip we did not want to leave or contact me rwmurphy15@yahoo.com for more info. He still has trips available.

Bryan, Judy and Jamie:

What a great trip you put on!

Having had experience with you from snowmobiling, I just had to try one of your ATV trips. It was fantastic. The routes were more than challenging many, many times and relaxed when required for recuperation. I just hope that the fish and the mudpuppies that I ran over recover well.

Please apologize to the group for my late night runs to the lodge. Some things just couldn’t be helped.

Attached are a few pictures of the trip.

See you again.


Bryan and all of our hosts.

Our trip was all we could hope for. The ATV tour we took was totally awesome. I was very nervous about going thinking that everyone would be going to fast or that there were much more professional drivers than I but Bryan set a very nice pace and I gained confidence in my own abilities the further we rode...especially after driving Willie's "brand new" Grizzly. Now I know why he kept calling my machine the "bone rattler"...lol.

The scenery was unbelievable. At almost every turn there seemed to be another picture-postcard lake or river. The food was incredible. Every meal was an all-you-can-eat affair and ranged from simple sandwiches and homemade cookies for lunch on the trail to a five-course meal. The accommodations were always clean and everyone so friendly. The trails weren't overpowering and ranged from gravel logging roads to just a crawl over a beaver dam, with some water, plenty of rocks and a little mud thrown in for good measure. Some like a little more mud (like Tom) where as I was quite content with the trails. I will never forget Chico!! Everything is taken cared of and if indeed your machine breaks down (wink wink) they ensure that everything possible is done to fix it. The train ride was quite relaxing but long as the fog made it hard to enjoy the scenery, but the champagne was tasty.

The trip was everything that we were hoping for-we'd do it again in a heartbeat! In fact, Tom and I are now engaged and we plan to marry next august and want to spend our honeymoon on another ATV trip. If you could let us know what trips are available or maybe create one and invite others. I doubt anyone from around here will be going as no one else seems to enjoy quading as much as we do. I do believe we plan on marrying on August 7th, 2009....and would like to do a trip starting around the 10th. A five or six day trip would be very nice, but no train this time. We would mind to have a one day layover somewhere to do some fishing. Feel free to advertise these dates with others and hopefully other couples can be recruited somehow, but don't make a ruckus about it...lol. Tom made me a CD for Christmas and I will send you a copy for y'all to see and use on your site if you wish, but I need your mailing address. TTYL and thanks so much.



Tom & Heidi Mills