2000 Summer ATV Tours



I wanted to let you know how much our group enjoyed the ride you planned for us, and your Canadian hospitality. It’s hard for me to imagine any outfitter delivering a higher level of service than Come Play In The Snow. The food was everything you promised and more. Samantha and Mike did a superb job of keeping us fat and happy. I personally gained 4 pounds during the week. It was great knowing we were going to have a delicious meal after a hard day of riding. I can definitely get used to cruise ship quality cuisine!

Any of your prospective guests who enjoy camping would be delighted with the camping locations you chose for us. I really enjoyed the lakeside sites, complete with waterfalls, that greeted us most evenings.

The night we spent at Laurentian Lodge had to be one of the high lights of the trip. To walk out the back door of my suite directly into a cool crystal clean lake for a refreshing swim was just what the doctor ordered after our ride Wednesday. And while we didn’t have much luck fishing it was hilarious to witness the lengths one of our group went to in order to retrieve a snagged lure. Thank goodness for "Fruit of the Loom"!

In spite of the dry weather you’re experiencing it’s hard to believe how much water there is in Canada. You showed us the most scenic lakes and rivers any one could hope to see. The trails you took us on were an excellent mix of easy to challenging in a proportion that allowed us to catch our breath when we needed, and satisfied our lust for adventure and MUD! Some of those mud holes were the equal to any I’ve ever ridden. Thank God for warn winches. We especially enjoyed the sand and gravel play areas and water crossing. Guys, bring your gals on this trip, it’s something you’ll both enjoy together.

Bryan, in closing, thank you for a great and thoroughly enjoyable ATVing experience. We’ll look forward to returning next year with a larger group. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Mike Coss
South East
Polaris Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Bryan and Judy,

We started our trip on May 20th and let me start by saying "I wish I was still up there riding". What a blast we had. This was the first ATV trip me and my friends have taken and I am glad we picked Come Play in the Snow as our choice. It was an 8 hour ride for us coming from New York, but it was well worth the ride.

Bryan may I commend you on your knowledge of the trail system. You really know the area very well. I liked the way the ride consisted of every type of terrain (smooth, rocky, hilly, and mud). Judy the homemade cooking was excellent. Your company was very enjoyable.

Bryan and Judy I would like to Thank You for doing an excellent job and making my vacation in Northern Ontario one to remember for a life time. We are already talking about coming back in September, that's how much fun we had !!! Sincerely, Raymond Miller Niagara Falls, N.Y.

PS - Say hi to Joe for me !!!

lakota@adelphia.net email Raymond

Dear Bryan & Judy:

Just thought we would send you and Judy a letter thanking you both for the " Great Northern Tour " you both provided for us! The areas and trails you took us on each day were both beautiful and lots of fun to ride on.

Your expertise and knowledge of the trails (close to 400 miles ) made us feel secure knowing we would arrive at our next nightly destination safely and in time for Judy's FANTASTIC meals and hospitality!!!!

I have done a lot of recreational travelling and have had many "Surprises " when I got to different destinations which I did not like.

but everything you told us we would have, we got, PLUS MUCH MORE!!!

Again thank you both and we are already planning on coming up again, hopefully this fall to do a much longer ride!

Sincerely Pete,
Mike and Ray-Niagara Falls, NY.

PS- feel free to give anyone interested my phone number if they would like any information or help.
kaminski@macronet.com email peter for more info

Hi Brian & Judy,

It's only been about a week since we left and I miss you two already. I just have to tell you that every time I walk out to my garage and see my ATV, my mind drifts back to one of the beautiful locations that you took us to. If I had to sum up our vacation in one word, it would be...WOW! It was my first atv trip in Canada and all I can tell you is that, I will be back. The riding and the scenery were absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed the way you gave us a little of everything as far as the riding went. Things get boring when it all starts to look the same, but you sure did a heck of a job to make sure that didn't happen. I would like to tell both of you that the riding was only half the enjoyment, your great hospitality and friendliness made me feel at home the minute I arrived there. It was great to not only have a awesome vacation but to also make two new friends was more than I ever expected out of an atv trip. Judy,..a special thanks to you for the best cooking I have ever had on any vacation in my life. If anyone has ever left there hungry I would seriously tell them to seek medical advice. I don't know what more I can tell you except...."THANKS", for one of best trips I have ever taken and we are already trying to make some plans on getting back up there to see you again. Feel free to use my name and e-mail if anybody needs any info or just want to pick my brain about your tours. Until we speak again, ( which I hope is soon)...take care and happy trails to you!

Mike Williams
West Seneca, N.Y.

Bryan, Judy:

Awesome! That's the best way to describe the ATV tour we took with Bryan and Judy in the Ontario wilderness.

The trails weren't overpowering and ranged from 40-mph gravel logging roads to just a crawl over a beaver dam, with some water, plenty of rocks and a little mud thrown in for good measure. We rode almost 600 miles in seven days. We were tired at the end of each day, but not exhausted.

The scenery was unbelievable. At almost every turn there seemed to be another picture-postcard lake or river that screamed "build me a cabin so I can live here the rest of my life." Fish were plentiful -- one night three of our riding mates pulled in 14 good-sized walleye.

The food was incredible. Every meal was an all-you-can-eat affair and ranged from simple sandwiches and homemade cookies for lunch on the trail to a five-course seafood feast (I pigged out and ate 2.5 lobster tails).The accommodations were always clean.

Bryan and Judy and all of our Canadian hosts were extremely friendly.

The trip was worth every penny -- we'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Stan and Rosie Schmidt
Elk River, Minnesota