1998 Summer ATV Tours


This vacation was a true seven night wilderness vacation. Six of the seven nights were camping beside a lake or by a river with six days of riding some of the best wilderness trails Canada has to offer.

I want to thank Bryan Pacello (The Guide) & Nelson (The Cook) for one of the best ATV trips I have ever been on. The daily riding was a great combination of rough terrain & smooth trails. The attention to detail was unbelievable. I can only say the food every night was as good as any quality restaurant could ever cook. I mean meals that consisted of T-Bone steaks, shrimp, excellent lobster etc. Yes home cooked meals every day and breakfast was also a great experience every day. We are coming back next year & hope to add a few people to our getaway vacation in the wilderness. If anyone out there would like to join us & find our more E Mail me at azone@provide.net I will be more than happy to tell you about the trip and even call you if you send me your number. The trips are limited to 10 people so everyone can have fun. Let me know if you are interested. Oh and don’t forget your fishing rod & swim trunks you will need them.

Dennis & Helen Cook
Holly, MI

Bryan - Just a quick note to say thank you for a wonderful ATV vacation. I have the honor to say I was on your first guided ATV tour. Beautiful scenery & plenty of moose tracks (tie up the moose for next season) excellent food, & a good time with all that came. It was a long drive from my home in Harriet, Arkansas. But well worth the miles. Keep up the good work. A quality outdoor experience like yours is hard to find. See you next season.

Jerry Elsner
Hariet, AR